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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily & Safely at Home

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A Comprehensive Guide to Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home

During times when going to a nail salon isn’t an option, it is important for you to know that you can remove gel nail polish easily at home. The temptation to pick and scrape off the polish is usually the urge, but you got to resist it as it can take off the layers of your nail bed along with it. There are easy and effective ways to remove gel nail polish using things easily available at home. Here’s a simple gel nail removal process that will help you remove the lacquer without damaging your nails.

Step 1: Take the shine off your gel nail polish with a file

At the end of every gel manicure, you get a clear and shiny top coat. Grab a coarse nail file and slowly remove that glossy top coat. It will help speed up the removal time as the nail polish remover will have one less coat to break down. It must be noted that you should not sand all the polish off. You need to rough up the top coat, remove all the shine and avoid going deep into the color. As a precaution, if you start seeing the spots of the natural nail, you’ve gone way too deep.

Step 2: Protect your cuticles

While you can use acetone-free nail polish removes for your regular polish, you would surely need some strong acetone stuff when it comes to dealing with gel manicures. Acetone-based nail polish removers can be really hard on the skin around your nails, and you need to protect your cuticles.

You can apply cuticle oil or a tried-and-tested quick home remedy like Vaseline on the skin surrounding your nails. It will minimize the acetone’s damage to the skin.

Step 3: Grab some cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover

Fill a small bowl with acetone-based nail polish remover and soak up to 10 cotton balls. It is recommended to use cotton balls only instead of cotton pads, which do not soak up well. Cotton balls are smaller in size and fit perfectly on nails, ensuring lesser acetone spread on cuticles.


Now keep an acetone-soaked cotton ball on the top of your nail, followed by wrapping up a small aluminum foil piece around the nail to hold the cotton ball in its place. Once you cover all the fingers, let the cotton balls work up their magic as you sit back for the next 15-20 minutes and just relax. Remove the foil gently, and you’ll see the nail polish look like coming off your nail.

Step 4: Brush away the remaining polish

Go gentle on your nails and scrape away the remaining nail polish with the help of a cuticle stick or manicuring brush. Just apply a little pressure to buff away the nail polish. If the nail polish is not going away on minimal pressure, it’s a sign that it needs more nail polish remover. Again, soak a fresh cotton ball and repeat previous steps to take off the remaining nail polish.

Step 5: Hydrate thoroughly

Acetone-based removers work on gel-based nail polish sets and are known to cause damage to the skin. These removers take away the natural oil and moisturizer from your nails, along with the gel nail polish. It can leave you with dry and brittle nails. Applying some cuticle oil after the removal process is highly advisable.

One can also soak up the nails in coconut oil for 5-7 minutes before applying cuticle oil. It will help your nail beds to rejuvenate and rehydrate naturally.

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